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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Everyday Makeup

For me my everyday makeup should be a natural look that makes me comfortable in my own skin.

Everyone has different ideas of beautiful whether it's a staple look like winged eyeliner, dip dyed hair or tanned skin its hard to discover what suits you. Over the years I have cut, coppied and pasted products into my routine and I aim to keep it as simple as possible (lazy alert)

The products I stick to
The most important thing before you step out the door and show the rest of the world your beautiful face is to be happy, feeling confident is vital. If this means you need fake eyelashes or extensions on show then so be it!

Due to my sensitive skin me and foundation have never been friends, I've tried organic, BB cream, mineral, tinted moisturiser, you name it I've probably tried it. Mainly because my skin is so acne prone I avoid heavy products but I'm usually either covering a scar or a blemish. Not fun.

I love cream concealers like Benefit Boi-ing but due to the heaviness on a regular work day something like Maybeline Fit Me is my favourite. Its light but very buildable and never goes orange or cakey. I use my Eco Tools concealer brush to apply whatever I need from the back of my hand.

Maybeline Fit Me concealer 
I've been using this No7 powder in translucent for years and have had no problems with it, it's very pale and loose which I prefer to pressed powder as it provides me more coverage. It's £12, lasts forever and goes on wonderfully with a fluffy powder brush. I simply apply small amounts onto areas that I've got concealer to lock in the coverage.

No7 Translucent Powder in Ivory

After 7 years my skin problems are just a flaw I've learnt to live with but on the bright side I have been gifted with a good pair of eyelashes. I begin with 5 seconds of curling and apply one coat of Maybeline Great Lash which is great at seperating each lash. (Lottie's tip: Pull your eyelid upwards so you can get right down to the lash root with your mascara) 

Maybeline Great Lash in Very Black
My mascara tip
Because I usually make a mess attempting to coat every lash with mascara I use a cotton bud dabbed in a small amount of Garnier Micellar Water to clean up and then pat on generous amounts of Lush Jackie Oats colour supplement. This is uber pale so makes for an excellent highlight on the brow, lid and undereye area as well as moisturising the delicate skin.

Lush colour supplement in Jackie Oats

Jackie Oats is a great highlighter and under eye concealer 
For a wash of colour on the lips I like use my trusty Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 101 which is a gorgeous 'my lips but better' pink. This is my current favourite matte lip look but I'm eager to try the Topshop collection. What colours do you recommend? 

Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate in 101
101 is a gorgeous pink shade

My natural finished look

I have cut down my makeup over the years and I am happy with my routine but am constantly on the hunt to better it. 
Any suggestions?  

Little Lottie xo

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