Little Lottie: July 2014

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Current Favourites

As you know by now my sensitive skin breaks out over high coverage products, for this reason I try to stay away from foundation but the temptation is too much sometimes and having troubled skin means having to hide it.

I went into The Body Shop looking to try out their new Insta-blur product, after hearing many YouTubers raving about it, the temptation was again too much. I ended up purchasing the Body Shop Tea Tree BB cream instead after trying it on the back of my hand and falling in love, it's the highest coverage BB cream I have ever tried and isn't quite at the coverage of foundation so is bang on for my skin type.

The texture is so lovely and despite containing tea tree oil it doesn't make me oily! I apply with my new favourite brush - Eco tools flat foundation brush. It goes on so effortlessly and covers redness and pores so well that I don't feel I need the Insta-blur anymore.  

I wear it every day to work and apply my Maybelline Fit Me concealer where needed, but no powder as the BB cream leaves a lovely glow and doesn’t stick to dry patches like a foundation.

I’m still addicted to my trusty Maybelline Great Lash mascara for a purse friendly eyelash God and picked up this bargain multipack from TK Max for £5.99! (usually £4.99 each)

On the lips I have been venturing past my usual Rimmel Kate Moss pink in 101 or my No7 Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink with the Maybelline Colour Sensational gloss in Stellar Berry. I love the raspberry deep pink tint it leaves on the lips which instantly glams up any look. I used this on Friday night when I went straight from work to cocktails with friends and it immediately made me feel like I had made loads of effort. The gloss is hydrating and not sticky which is a great result considering the price, I usually press the gloss into my lips with my fingertips for a more subtle daytime colour and layer it up for a night time look.

These products are all I have been wearing on an everyday basis and are most definitely my current makeup favourites for a quick and natural everyday look.

To keep it natural hair-wise I have been tying my hair in a Princess Jasmine ponytail at nights for heatless waves. Simply tie hair in a ponytail and add hairbands down the length of the pony, however closely or tightly you want the waves to be. I use three ties in total and loosen the hair between each tie for high volume waves that last all day!

Steering away from beauty I upgraded to an iPhone 5c this month, in pink of course. I couldn’t be happier with it so far and the camera is amazing. Here are some snaps from my month; 

Trip to the aquarium

Me - right & my sister - Left going to a beach party

Jellyfish snap

Toasting Marshmallows with friends

Unlimited Ice cream at work

Thursday, 17 July 2014

DIY Cleanser

This cleanser is super simple and only contains 3 ingredients - others can be added. I'm no dermatologist but I believe this cleanser can be used on all skin types from oily and blemished to dry and sensitive.

Disclaimer: It is important to adjust the recipe and amounts to what works for your skin, jojoba oil can be switched for another oil like coconut but after experimenting I have found this combination works for me.

-When buying an oil make sure the bottle is dark so the vital vitamins haven't been killed by the sun or any other lights
-When choosing a honey opt for a raw product rather than flavoured and coloured
-Add more castor oil if you skin is oily and more jojoba oil if your skin is dry
-Try to use a bottle with a pump or nozzle for the mixture so the honey cant come out in lumps. 

-Raw Honey - make sure the honey is pure and has limited preservatives. You can change this for Manuka honey if you have a little more cash to spend. Honey- draws out bacteria (therefore it is common to have a purging stage to begin with.)
-Jojoba oil - great at moisturizing the skin and hair
-Castor oil - Great carrier oil that dries spots and helps oily skin

My Recipe:
6 teaspoons - jojoba
2 teaspoons- castor
2 teaspoons - honey

Castor oil

Your liquid should look golden like so. Remember to shake before every use so the parts separate.

Please leave a comment with your results and recipes!

Little Lottie xo

Monday, 7 July 2014

Lottie tries: Lily Lolo Mineral concealer

I've briefly tried mineral foundation in the past as an attempt to cover scars and blemishes. My skin isn't flawless but doesn't get along with many products due to sensitivity so I was stuck in a rut. On a day to day basis I stick to concealer where I need it but I never thought about trying MINERAL CONCEALER. Somebody recommended I try it out as it is gentle and lets skin breathe. The favourite mineral brand is well known as Bare Minerals however their products can be costly, with the concealer alone coming in at £24.99 I wanted to find an alternative, I soon came across Lily Lolo who make organic, mineral makeup. PERFECT.

I ordered the Mineral Concealer in Blondie for £7.99, much better price wise! I was really happy with the overall experience as Lily Lolo is a website it’s not like I can try out the make up before buying but they sent a really useful catalog with the concealer and the order came within 24 hours, amazing! I was skeptical at first as powdered products can often clog skin and look cakey, also the concealer was so loose I couldn't see how it could last all day so I documented my progress with the concealer to give you an idea on mineral products.

8.00 am
I used a fluffy concealer brush to apply the product and first of all the application is brilliant, you only need a sprinkle to cover the imperfection and it blended in so easily, no cake, not too sheer and really natural looking. Blondie is too light for me so I can also use the product to highlight.  FYI the packaging is also slightly gorgeous.

8.30 am
I noticed that my nose was slightly dry and the product was sticking so I spritzed some of my Botanicals Toning Water over my face and took a cotton pad to soak up some product.

8.45 am
I left home to walk to work feeling slightly self-conscious as the colour Blondie is too pale for me but nobody would be close enough to notice, I told myself.

9.00 am
Arrived at work to do an immediate toilet check thinking the wind surely would have blown the powder off my face but the colour looked like it had blended and my skin looked lovely and dewy. I felt pleased with the results and excited to see how it would stand other tests.

10.30 am
I had a meeting and received compliments on my skin and how clear it looked. Result! It was still early days for the concealer so I took this with a pinch of salt.

12.30 pm
Half way through the day I went out for lunch, it was a sunny day for a change and the concealer didn’t budge in the heat or humidity despite my frantic walking round town to get back to work in time.

Hours have gone by since I checked the concealer and now I’m home I have a proper inspection. The pale colour has definitely blended well with my skin throughout the day and the concealer hasn't made my skin look oily or cakey. As expected it has stuck to any dry patches on my face and on removal I have noticed my skin looking red a blotchy underneath.

Overall I’m really impressed with the coverage of mineral concealer and thrilled that Lily Lolo offer it at such a good price, it also appears so natural considering the full coverage it gives.

As I feared my skin didn't enjoy the concealer as much as I did, I've expressed my relationship with foundation and how anything too high coverage such as the amazing Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer breaks me out and gives me a red complexion unfortunately the mineral concealer has the same affect. I will definitely keep trying it in case it was just a bad skin day but it may have to be put back for special occasions.

If you have any recommendations or similar reactions leave a comment.
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