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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lottie tries: Bblonde Ombre

Lately I have had to urge to change my hair, except when that happens my mind resorts to the most extreme change out of curiosity. For what feels like forever I have been growing my hair after one of my 'urges' turned into a disaster, I went shoulder length and had blonde highlights. Gradually as my hair grew the blonde grew with it and when the Ombre craze hit I had convenient roots. About a month ago my hairdresser said the blonde had to go, the bleach in my hair was years old and doing alot of damage. 2 inches came off and ever since the condition of my hair has been the priority but the boring single tone of my hair made me miss the old look so I was thrilled when Jerome Russell got in contact.

Jerome Russell are a salon quality brand that have created a range targeted at lightning the hair drastically at home! The range called Bblonde was interesting to me because it came with powder bleach and cream peroxide which are mixed together to lighten the hair, I personally hadn't come across this in a home dye kit in the drugstore before and went straight for the Maximum Ombre Kit No1 to finally try out the look properly. 

After reading tons of great reviews about the golden tone the kit gave I couldn't wait to see the results. I will always be brunette at heart and didn't want to go too light which is why this kit is great because you can experiment and leave the dye in until you are happy with the colour.  

It is important to do the strand and skin test to know how long to leave the mix in before you have your desired colour and to ensure you aren't allergic.

On go the old clothes, I'm sporting my fabulous 'Barbie' t shirt throughout so please enjoy the romantic shots of Barbie and Ken.

To prepare for the strand test you don't need much of the mixture just a couple of teaspoons.

Mixing the powder and cream makes this familiar blue colour, don't be alarmed!

The brush provided is so useful and makes even coverage really easy, so no need to be concerned about patches! 

I coated a strand from the back of my hair, concentrating particularly on the ends although the blending lotion does a great job with the gradient look.
For the skin test a cotton bud is the tidiest way to apply the mixture. I ended up leaving the mixture on for an hour, checking the colour every 10 minutes then reapplying until I achieved the colour I wanted. The maximum time is 90 minutes.

I was so impressed by the results and could see a big difference from my natural colour. Time to do it all over!

Firstly applying the blending lotion to achieve the gradient, ombre look. This made application really smooth.

Mixing all the remaining powder and cream gave me a really generous amount and considering the length of my hair I didn't need to buy a second box. If after using the kit you wanted to go even lighter Jerome Russell sell the Powder Bleach and cream Peroxide on their own so you can literally go as light as you want! The price is super reasonable and available at Superdrug.

Using the brush to apply to my mid lengths was so simple, the most difficult thing I found was making sure I started from the same place all the way around my head. Most people use their jaw as a starting point for the Ombre affect but I started at the middle of my neck to make the ombre very gradual, applying from the bottom upwards also helps with the gradient look. Make sure to cover your glamorous old clothes with an old towel! Who said the actual process was pretty...
Once fully coated the dye starts to dry, I left the mixture on for around 50 minutes and chilled out with Netflix.

So here are the results! I'm so happy with the look and have no idea why I didn't do it sooner. After reading so many positive reviews about Jerome Russell I didn't worry about the Ombre looking orange or coming out in a block of blonde it is truly gradual and subtle.

The box was stocked with everything I could possibly need and was simple to follow. 

The kit promises to lighten hair by 8-9 shades and it certainly did!

Thank you to Jerome Russell for letting me review the gorgeous kit!
Browse the range here!

Little Lottie xo

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