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Hey Beautiful 

I'm Charlotte, just your regular small town girl and self confessed beauty addict with big aspirationsLittle Lottie is my small corner of the big wide web where I can chat all things beauty, skincare, health and life related. I used to spend so much money trying countless products that claimed to rid me of blemishes or make me look like a model and wonder why they didn't work. I started Little Lottie to take a more natural approach and tell you about products I love to hopefully narrow down your search for effortless beauty.   

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Here are a few questions I get asked...

When did you start Little Lottie?
January 2014

What do you do for a living?
I work at a Newspaper company full time as a Promotions and Events Executive in marketing 

Where are you based?
I live in a small city in Cornwall where I was born and raised. I don't see myself leaving but I have a lot of family in London and love travelling/chasing the sun. 

What did you study?
I studied business at college for 2 years and then wen't on to do business admin at DC Media where I now work in marketing and events

What do you love?

I love my family
My cat
Beautiful beaches
A good cocktail 
Almond milk
Cake mix
Singing along to radio 1 in my car 
That post-workout feeling
& chilling in my pj's 

What is your holy grail product? 
Maybeline the great lash mascara

Little Lottie

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