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Friday, 6 March 2015

DIY Foundation

As most of you know I don't wear foundation, it's just the feeling of having an unnatural layer over my skin that I don't like and I haven't yet found a foundation that I'm in love with, so, I made my own. 

It's hard to find a foundation free of nasty chemicals that's also in a pale shade for an "English Rose" like me. Parabens are one chemical that is now banned in several countries but works as a preservative for liquids cosmetics to stop them growing bacteria. A natural alternative would be lavender oil but the beauty industry hasn't caught on yet. 

Using mineral makeup means that the products don't need to contain preservatives as they are mostly dry. A lot of people therefore use mineral makeup and it is great however doesn't always provide very full coverage and often clings to dry patches so the alternative is to mix it! 

Combining a natural/organic moisturiser that doesn't contain a load of unnecessary rubbish with a mineral powder/concealer makes a lovely foundation! 

All you need is a little pot to mix it and store it in, like these. You can pick these up online and in most drugstores. 

To make the mix I used my favourite moisturiser by Faith in Nature with a bit of Lily Lolo concealer in Blondie. This was a little too pale for me so I added some Bare Minerals Multi Tasking Concealer in Bisque to warm it up. The beauty of making your own foundation is that you can keep going until you reach your perfect shade! None of the tester rubbish needed. 

Then simply apply with a makeup brush. Voila! A lovely, dewy foundation is right at your fingertips. 

Comment with your favourite DIY recipe and don't forget to follow for more from me. 

Little Lottie

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