Little Lottie: That more feeling...

Saturday, 21 March 2015

That more feeling...

Little Lottie is my corner of the internet that I usually fill with beauty posts and all things girly but my post today I hope can be related to by more people than usual.

I wanted to talk about the more feeling, which creeps up on me a lot, often I feel like I'm alone in this 'need to accomplish more' state of mind and my anxiety and career mindedness doesn't help. As humans we strive for perfection and appreciation and often when that is achieved we want to top it or 'impress' more. For those of you who don't know, blogging isn't my profession, although I would love that I actually work in an office full time. Through Monday - Friday I work in marketing for a media company who make newspapers and magazines around the country. 

I love my job and get to help organise and attend many events as well as talk to a lot of businesses and receive a lot of freebies/samples to boost the sale of our products. Sort of like blogging I suppose. However sometimes working the 9-5 makes me feel too normal. Not that it's a bad thing, I'm working daily to save money, buy a house one day and see the world. I think we can all admit we would like to do a bit more, break out of the 'cage' of normal life and earn more money, having more fun doing it. 

I'll tell you now I'm no Beyonce, so getting rich and famous through talent is a far away dream. I'm definitely no Kardashian so getting rich through being gorgeous and on TV is out of the question too. I'm just your regular small town girl with big dreams. There is a constant void I feel the need to fill and strive to do amazing things but those dreams come with a lot of hard work and precious time, my free time goes on blogging and being with family and sometimes I realise that's enough for me. 

The news that my sister gave me in November excited me to further make me realise I am rich in every way I need to be. I will be an Auntie in June and a new little woman will be joining our family of strong independents. Experiences, being loved and giving love is the best success I could ask for and I think that 'more' feeling has diminished.

My gorgeous mother and sister 

Nick and I

Do you get the 'more' feeling?
Little Lottie XO


  1. Your lovely no matter what I'm proud of you for doing so well!!!

  2. Thank you gorgeous. Love you long time. x