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Friday, 27 March 2015

Lush Product Reviews

After getting sick with the flu for a week and not wearing make up or hardly even getting out of bed to wash my face my skin improved somewhat, it was clearer and my pores were smaller but with going back to work comes looking presentable and wearing makeup and with wearing makeup comes removing it and therefore I was quickly back to my skincare routine.

It would be nice to not bother with makeup and face washing but unfortunately I enjoy those things so I decided to search for even more natural products that would mean using minimal ingredients on my face. I turned to lush for this, they have increased their makeup range and have some really lovely new products.

Light Yellow Colour Supplement

I'm already a fan of Jackie Oates and use it under my eyes and on my brow bone for a natural highlight so I picked up a sample of the colour supplement in Light Yellow to see if it was the right shade for me. When I first used it I was in love, the coverage is phenomenal considering it is a natural product. The colour was my concern as I'm pale and every foundation seems to look orange on me so I wore it out and about and it looked great in different lights, artificial and natural. After a few days of wearing it daily I noticed small bumps forming all over my cheeks and t-zone, the only thing I had changed was adding the Lush makeup and I knew that must be it so I stopped using it and the bumps went within a couple of days. I do recommend the Lush colour supplements but unfortunately this didn't agree.

Charisma Skin Tint

I was torn between getting the cream highlighter called Feeling Younger and the bronzer called Charisma but went for the bronzer as again it didn't look orange on my skin. I'm desperate to define my non-existent cheek bones and think liquid products make a quick and easy contour to dab on quickly. It was very easy to blend out to the point you couldn't see it much and it definitely needs to go over the foundation you wear in order to show up. It's great for pale skin tones because it's so blendable and I think it would also be a good product to put all over the face under foundation to warm things up, a bit like the Chanel bronze base but the budget version.

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

My favourite item of my Lush collection is definitely my new cleanser which is a Lush classic. Angels on Bare Skin is an exfoliating cleanser with lavender and crushed almonds. I wanted an exfoliating product to wake up my skin in the mornings and create a smooth base for makeup. First of all it's not your average sort of face wash, you grab a small clump of the clay like product and rub it in your hands with some water until it all melts into a nice scrub. It smells amazing and the lavender scent is so refreshing. It really helped clear the small bumps that Light Yellow left behind and never fails to remove my makeup and leave my skin feeling super smooth.

Celestial Moisturiser

Another product to help with silky smooth skin is Celestial. This moisturiser is also made with almonds and has quite a thick consistency that feels amazing. I didn't find it made me oily however my skin is dry at the moment and I think this would be too heavy for every day use on oily skin types. As it doesn't contain nasty ingredients I feel comfortable wearing this overnight and under makeup. Celestial makes a really smooth base for foundations and I have been using it after a rose water toner with mineral makeup on top.

I've been loving Lush recently and hope the reviews helped you decide on your next purchase.

What's your favourite Lush product? 
Little Lottie

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