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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

DIY Weekends

As a full time worker it is often hard to fit things in at the weekends but re-decorating my room has been filling them up lately and these are some of the results from my DIY weekends.

You may have already realised I’m quite a tidy person and as someone who suffers anxiety I like to keep my bedroom a safe haven away from the clutter going on inside my brain or at work, I’m really pleased with the results of my DIY weekends and am starting to feel my bedroom is getting the way I want it.

I’ve really wanted more storage for my clothes, (wardrobe is bursting at the seams.) Upping the storage space also gives me an excuse for a shopping trip and wardrobe change! I was looking online for a cheap but pretty chest of drawers and IKEA seemed the only option but as my closes store is over 2 hours away I was stumped until I was given this IKEA chest by someone who didn’t need it. It was around £30 and wasn’t in the slightest beautiful so I built it (achievement), gave it a lick of paint and it looks a million dollars! 
It’s really tidied the clutter in my room and now my favourite clothing picks have a home.

I then added these gorgeous glass knobs to the new chest to make it look extra snazzy. They were £3.99 for four in Home Bargains!

The chest looked pretty lonely on its own and I wanted some girly d├ęcor that would make my bedroom look fresh yet cosy, I soon picked up on the birdcage trend and remembered we had this little gem of a cage chilling out in the garage! I couldn’t believe we’d neglected it so much, it was dented and the paint had flaked away so a quick lick of paint and the pink roses was exactly what it needed. I went on the hunt for flowers as I decided the cage needed some colour, the pink rose garland was £9 in The Range and I cut the roses free to wind them round the cage where I wanted them. Using the roses I rubbed some of the pink dye off on the corners of the cage to make it look more rustic!

After decorating my room it was time to decorate myself so using inspiration from We Heart It I opted for a watermelon theme. They are very messy, I am certainly no pro, but they did look pretty funky over the weekend.

Do you have any DIY tips that I can jazz up my room with?

Little Lottie xo

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