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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lottie tries: Microdermabrasion

My skin has definitely been lacking lustre lately, looking blemished and dull I covered with trusty concealer and thought no more about it. Off I went to work like any other day but I never realised people were actually noticing the flaws. When I’m insecure I get the mum chat of “other people don’t even notice it”, “it looks worse to you” however these comments just re-enforced the fact that even though I’m comfortable to step out without foundation other people may think I need it. The comments are never cruel just friends and colleagues suggesting ideas.

On a recent holiday my fiancĂ© and I met a lovely couple and shared some… a lot of cocktails with them. I soon discovered that the girl I had met was also on Roaccuatne in the past and was also taking Dianette for her skin problems. I couldn’t believe the coincidence and suddenly felt excited that we were in the same boat but there was one key difference, she was wearing foundation and I hadn’t even packed any! I would never have guessed she had severe skin problems but she could tell that I had so bought the subject up, I suddenly felt insecure and my make-up free week was slowly turning into regret.

Despite this I still won’t wear foundation as I don’t feel comfortable in it, I should embrace the fear and tackle it! Instead of being concerned about the suggestions, I listened. When we were on the subject of skin a friend at work recommended I go for microdermabrasion, the word abrasion is a bit scary for me due to sensitive and acne prone skin so I was skeptical. Then I discovered you don’t have to make a pricey trip to the salon but the stuff comes in bottles, Bingo!  Made a trip to Boots and after much research and my favoured review reading I choose No7’s Total Renewal Hypoallergenic bottle.  It does contain mineral oils and parabens so I was cautious as these ingredients aren't friendly however after two goes I am hooked!

Who needs a trip to the salon when I can feel this relaxed at home, it’s very much a deeper exfoliate treatment as the beads are microscopic in size, like sand. (This is why when you get home from the beach your feet are so soft.) The tube costs £11 which is a massive saving on going to the salon to have it done twice a week, if you want to save your pennies like me purchase the exfoliator when you get a No7 voucher from Boots, I got the beaut for £6!

I squeeze a small amount of the white cream onto my fingertips and dot it evenly onto each cheek, forehead, chin and nose. I then gently spread this in outwards circles around my face without applying any pressure (we don’t want to lose skin, just remove dead surface skin), the instructions say to continue the circular motions for 2 minutes which is really addictive and relaxing that I just want to carry on until I reveal my new face hiding underneath!
Splash this off with some warm water, not a flannel because this will just continue to exfoliate even more. The key is the amount of pressure you apply when using microdermabrasion, as my skin is sensitive I am very careful. NEVER USE MICRODERMABRASION AROUND YOUR EYES AND NOSTRILS. I do the treatment on a Monday and Thursday despite the temptation to do it more you shouldn't do this more than twice a week.

I can see results instantly with this product and when the pink tint on my skin fades after the treatment I’m left with baby soft skin, the microdermabrasion takes away dead skin on the surface and leaves you with the new, healthy skin underneath so it is important to look after the new skin. Use a moisturiser with SPF to avoid burning the ‘new born layer’ it will also drink up the moisture and thank you for it. The treatment is supposed to be effective on fading scars and I have seen a difference in my acne scars after 2 uses but they recommend 4 uses is when the affects will really show. No7 also do a body microdermabrasion which may help stretch marks and other scars.

I will be tracking my progress and updating you with the affects the treatment is having on my blemishes and scars, so far I’m loving it and the comments have turned from suggestions to complements about my ‘glow’, don’t think I've had a glow before. Whoopee! 

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