Little Lottie: High-street Luxury Bath Time.

Monday, 24 February 2014

High-street Luxury Bath Time.

I love to occasionally re-create a spa retreat in my bathroom and give myself that extra pamper. (Because we're worth it)

Usually my showers consist of the same old shampoo, conditioner, body wash and all that jazz but once a week I recommend a switch up, your skin and hair will love the sudden change and feels like your trying a product again for the first time.

I started by taking 2 teaspoons of cold-pressed coconut oil and melting it in my hands to make a hair mask. Slather this all over your locks and throw into a bun (it gets slimey) Whilst you're at it pat a small amount onto your face for a moisture zap!
Usually I would leave this overnight but this time it stayed on for a few hours.
Raw Coconut Oil - Holland and Barett £11
Into the shower I hopped and whipped out the new Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine shampoo and conditioner, which may I add is superb. I stopped using Herbal Essences as it is very perfumed but my love of oils over-ruled with this purchase and I'm hooked again! Smells amazing, feels amazing, now I know why Nicole is always screaming in the shower. 
Herbal Essences Moroccan my Shine £3.79

After my intense conditioning sesh I tend to skip any after shower hair treatments but as a treat I will often rub in a nut size amount of the Toni and Guy prep Leave in Conditioner.
Toni and Guy Prep Leave in Conditioner
To make my skin as silky soft as my hair I coat myself in Lush King of Skin body bar which smells delicious and is so quick to apply, simply rub the crown shaped body butter in all the right places for irresistibley dewy skin. (Read my Lush review here)

After all that pampering I like to let my hair do it's thing then I roll it all up in my Superdrug foam sleep in rollers. For a final touch get into some fabulous pj's and add a hair wrap to keep those curls tight!  (I always pat some coconut oil under my eyes and on my lips for an overnight treat)
My shower set from

Coconut oil makes a great lip treatment

The results; effortless curls and hair like silk!

What do you use on pamper night?

Little Lottie xo

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