Little Lottie: Health Haul and How I Keep Fit

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Health Haul and How I Keep Fit

I never make a New Years resolution but this year is different, after discovering more natural, organic products and starting my little corner of the internet, Little Lottie, last year made me much more conscious of what I use and consume.

I'm officially on a health kick, I want to be more toned by next year with less wobble and more ab action going on. I'm already starting to see results and I'm feeling so much more confident, I may be a size 8 but I still never felt like getting my tum out or bearing a little in crop tops so I thought I'd finally do something about it. The 'This Girl Can' campaign is such a powerful message to girls who feel unattractive but don't do anything to change it.

Exercising has always appeared like a chore before but once I started doing the Insanity workout and saw a few pounds drop to get me bikini ready for my holiday I was convinced. Now my aim isn't to loose pounds but tone what is already there, I started by just doing sit ups every night until I was able to do 50 at a time then I looked up more toning workouts and realised sit ups only work a small section of your abs, I added planking, crunches and leg raises to make the workout more intense.

These days I go for a run a few times a week (usually at the weekend) and do a 5-10 minute cardio or ab workout every night. I use a free app or a YouTube tutorial. I find the most effective moves are squats and spiderman planks. My abs and legs always ache after so I know it's working.
I got some new gear from Primark to help me workout more comfortably.

This armband is so helpful when I go out for a run and was only £2.50!

The perfect time to pick up some health goods is when Holland and Barrett have their penny sale on. I have recently been researching into Omega fatty acids and how they are a miracle worker for clear skin and long, silky hair. I've looked into various supplements like Omega 3 6 9, Cod liver oil, Flaxseed oil and many more. I went for fish oil in the end as it contains EPA & DHA which are anti-inflammatory. This tub was £12.99 and I am taking 1,000 mg a day.

The best way of pumping some Omega into the body is through food, these Omega Sprinkle bags were 2 for £3 and don't taste amazing but a pinch on top of my cereal is barely noticeable.
£2.99 each or 2 for £3 in the penny sale. My daily breakfast is a bowl of cereal topped with omega sprinkles and a banana with plenty of almond milk, delicious!

Who doesn't use coconut oil these days? I've just finished my tub and had to pick up another asap. I use it as a hair oil, body moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm, frying oil, baking ingredient and for shaving sometimes. It's a wonder product! The jar is £14.99.

Last year I became a Love Your Body member, it's a great initiative for Body Shop fans and means you get 10% off every purchase as well as gifts every now and then. The latest gift was a free Body Butter worth £13 and I went for the cocoa butter because it reminds me of chocolate!

I also drink two liters of water a day and at least one cup of green tea, usually lemon flavour. It was really hard to drink water at first but I've replaced my usual drinking bottle with a liter bottle and I only need to fill up once which encourages me to drink up more. 

I'm no nutritionist or gym addict but I'm feeling more confident and healthy as well as seeing a difference on the outside. If I'm ever stuck for motivation or ideas I look on Pintrest and sometimes save a fitness pic as my screensaver to remind me to workout.

If you have any tips or tricks leave them in the comments and help motivate each other.

Little Lottie XO

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