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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Poreless. Battle of the toners!

Until cutting foundation and powder out of my daily routine I've never been interested in using a toner, although I have visible pores they were always easy enough to cover up however now they are out for the world to see action had to be taken. 

I've been trying a few toners over the recent months and I think you will be surprised to hear my favourite.

First of all I searched for something that would suit my skin type (combination/oily/blemish prone) and one product was talked about a lot. The Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz, Rosewater is very gentle and as the product is organic and fragrance free I had to give it a go. 

First impressions were good, easy to use spray and go, I like your style Boots! 
The smell is amazing and not too overpowering which is always promising when you've got it on your face all day. The product sank in slower than the others but a few dabs with cotton wool did the trick. I've got to be honest, as a toner I would of liked it to close up my pores more but for an everyday look I still needed a dab of concealer on my T zone with this product. 

Next I went to Simple, a brand I love and the major selling point for me was that I read Lucy Watson (Made in Chelsea star) uses this and I've always admired her immaculate English rose complexion. 

The Simple Soothing Facial Toner has a thicker consistency than the Botanics competitor and works almost instantly. I found it closed up my pores quickly, got rid of any shine and made my T zone silky smooth (Happy Charlotte) 

The price is small so it's worth giving this product a go, it doesn't break me out and is perfect to put makeup straight onto.

My third and favourite toner is a homemade remedy which also means it costs less than a £1! After struggling lately with aggressive breakouts I turned to the Internet for 'kitchen cupboard' remedies and soon found apple cider vinegar or lemon toners were the most raved about. 

I so happened to have a lemon lying about (I recommend juicing a lemon over buying the juice in a bottle) and decided to give it a whirl. I diluted the lemon juice to stop the citric acid from agitating my sensitive skin and put it in a spray bottle using about 1 quarter lemon juice and 3 quarters water. Give it a shake and spray on a cotton pad to dab onto T zone and any blemished areas! 

I immediately felt my skin tightening and the lemon juice had diminished my pores but left a natural dewy glow (LOVE IT)

I always trust what's in the kitchen cupboard over shop bought products. 

Have you got any home made beauty products?

Charlotte x

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