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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lush King of Skin. Moisture Magic!

It's rare that I make a visit into Lush despite the enticing smell that can be recognised from 3 shops down. 
However after hearing the lovely Tanya Burr rave about the King of Skin body butter I had to investigate. 

I was looking for a body moisturiser as I'm so lazy when it comes to it and I'm off to sunny Cyprus in a week so much moisture will be needed to prolong my tan (hopeful pale Charlotte!) 

After smelling the delicious crown I had to make the purchase and I've got to admit the product may even convert me into moisturising everyday (i'm not making any promises) 

The scent is what I would describe as a vanilla  flavoured chocolate orange which sort of makes me want to eat it (like all the other Lush products!) 

The crown isn't easy to hold as it melts in your hand whilst in use so I have used cling film to prevent myself ending up with a melted yellow poo on my desk. 
The good thing is it melts onto the skin easily without having to scrub your skin to death.  It blends around the whole body a bit like an oil and the results are great!

It does leave a slight residue on the skin afterwards but as a fan of coconut and hair oil myself I don't mind this and my skin sucked in all the moisture after about 10 minutes. 

As with a lot of Lush products the scent sticks around for a while which I love with this product but I would recommend going to Lush and giving it a sniff yourself as my description is probably completely inaccurate! 

If you have any favourite lush products comment below! 

Charlotte x

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