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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Concealers. Stuck in a rut.

Concealers. They are the pesky little devils that I cant seem to conquer. 

As I've mentioned before I don't wear foundation due to my troublesome skin but for my dabbing concealer here, there and everywhere does the trick. When I want a bit more coverage I mix my 'at that moment' concealer with some moisturiser and dab all over with my Eco Tools sponge. (I say 'at that moment' concealer because it's CONSTANTLY changing) - which is an expensive habit. 
Eco Tools Sponge Stick
My favourite concealer off all time is Boi-ing by Benefit. Boy do I love this. Its full coverage and as promised doesn't budge. Its pretty much bang on colour for me using shade 01, just slightly too dark. (you didn't think I wasn't going to complain a little did you?) I love the creamy consistency most as it provides amazing coverage and an effortlessly blended finish. However, it breaks me out like a bitch. I have just hit pan and am bracing to purchase another £17 pot.

Boing by Benefit
Shade 01

I'm sure you are all bored of bloggers and vloggers rambling on about this Collection Lasting Perfection beaut so I will spare you the lengthy review. The price is still considerably small compared to my Benefit love but has risen since the hype started. I heard about this through my favourite blogger and YouTuber; Zoella. I'd say it is worth the hype in the way that it's good coverage for a liquid concealer and is an excellent colour match for me, however I find it too cakey at times and tend to save it for a Saturday night boogey when I want to look flawless. 
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (01)
The newest concealer to my collection is the Maybeline Better Skin concealer which is averagely priced for the generous tube. The first thing I noticed was there was a very limited colour range and as I am pale it doesn't usually bode well with my skin. As suspected it is a bit orange for me but with a tan I could get away with it. The advert convinced me to make the purchase. (falling for the pretty model pictures again) Again it is a little to dark and heavey for me, it didn't improve the condition of my skin which is the main point of the product. Sorry Maybeline.
Maybeline Superstay Better Skin Concealer

My final concealer review is the Revlon Colourstay. I'd never tried a Revlon face product before this and it never occurred to me to look into them but when I was in a rut one day I Googled the exact words; 'concealers that don't cause breakouts' and this was the most common result! After reading reviews on trusty Boots I made the purchase and bought shades 01 pale and 02. (01 is more pink toned and 02 is more yellow toned) A mix of the two is a good colour for me and I have been using it everyday for a few months now. I don't feel the need to re-apply whilst I'm at work for 8 hours and behind my No 7 translucent powder it looks rather natural. I'd like it to be fuller coverage but on an everyday basis it's enough!
Revlon Colourstay
Bourjois have recently released a happy light concealer and I'm keen to try it despite the harsh ingredients it may contain. (looks like a bit of a creamy Benefit dupe)    

Please leave any recommendations in the comment section to get me out of my rut.        

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