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Friday, 20 February 2015

Product of the month

I can without a doubt name this the product of the month without hesitation. Nothing else even entered my mind.

After feeding my latest blog crush and binge reading Emtalks, who is beautiful and raves about this product, I couldn't resist picking it up when I saw it in Primark, of all places. The Palmers Cocoa butter gradual tan smells good enough to eat and sinks in so quickly! I've always thought that gradual tanners took a million coats to take affect (& I'm too lazy to apply it all the time) but after just one application I noticed a difference! 

I'm not one for fake tan, it comes off on the bed, looks orange and streaky half the time and is a bit of a chore to slap on. Lately I've been getting dry skin and razor rash, (not a good look) so I figured cocoa butter will battle dryness and the tan will hide the rash, the theory worked out pretty well. 

I also didn't notice it come off on my clothes, (only the yummy chocolate smell) and it didn't all instantly rub off in the shower, even after exfoliating! Have I convinced you yet? 

Having a tan is like having a super power... I feel more confident, healthy, wear less makeup and get my skin out more. It's genius. 

Try it yourself for just £4 at Primark or at 

What's your product of the month? Leave a comment!
Little Lottie 

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