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Monday, 6 October 2014

Less or More

I did an experiment recently after being inspired by a girl who went to school with 3 different looks; natural, made up and fake. The look with the most heavy make up attracted attention from boys and the natural look achieved compliments from girls. It's a controversial subject at the minute with more and more people going makeup free for selfies and inspirational YouTubers like Zoella spreading the bare face message. I personally love the fact that woman and girls are able to feel more comfortable in their own skin even if they do have acne or other insecurities.

To test this further I posted the following picture on my Facebook page to get reactions. Have a look at the results and post your opinion using the Facebook icon at the top of my blog! 

I asked Facebook to comment the picture they preferred, left being me only wearing mascara and being bare skinned - all insecurities on show. Right being me in a lot more makeup than I would usually wear, I felt completely out of my comfort zone with all of this on my face!

  • Maybeline - The Great Lash mascara in very black
  • No7 - eyelash curlers
  • Bare Minerals - multi tasking mineral concealer in Bisque
  • Bare Minerals - Original foundation in Light
  • No7 - Translucent loose powder
  • Rimmel - Sun Shimmer Bronzer in Light Matte 
  • Maybeline - Eye Studio in Sparkling Gold
  • Revelon - ColorStay pallet in Coffee Bean
  • Collection - Extreme felt liner
  • NYC - Eye brow/liner pencil
  • Maybeline - Color Sensational Lipstick in Hollywood Red 540

I must admit I could have carried on with highlighter, blusher, lip liner and brow gel. The list is endless and I am impressed with girls that put all of this on in the mornings because it was very time consuming, not to mention the brushes and tools involved. Here are the results of the long list of products.

The look wasn't too over the top and the eye makeup was popular on Facebook, I think the gold kept it neutral.

The left photo shows me in just mascara as I had gone for a lovely vegetarian breakfast that morning at the Lounge, I hadn't wanted to make much effort early in the morning. 

It was a big step for me to go out on a sunny day to the middle of town with all flaws showing, deep down I know I shouldn't care and it felt good not to! 

So Facebook choose left, but not necessarily because I looked more natural, it was because I was smiling. I picked the selfies I did because I thought they showed the most dramatic change in looks comparatively, Facebook even requested me to tag 2 different people rather than use its face recognition! 

I know I'm most comfortable when I'm at home, no makeup, hair pulled back and wearing something fluffy so to go out bare faced was really nice for me and it did make me happy which reflected a lot in my picture. The best part was there was nothing to remove when I got home, unlike the aftermath of the other photo...

If you feel the same, try going out with friends or just to run errands for the day, after you do it once it will empower you to do it more. Wear just a smile on your face and see how you feel afterwards. 

Good luck and join me by sharing your smile selfie.

Little Lottie xo

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