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Friday, 10 April 2015

Health switches to make you feel great!

Hello Beautiful. I hope you had a glorious Easter, whatever got up to. If you are regretting how much chocolate you ate over the last week you may be wanting to put some new health regimes into action to make you feel (& look) like it never happened. Here are some easy (& delicious) health switches to make you glow from the inside out.

1//  Reduce your dairy consumption. 
Cows are frequently given hormones and it shows on our skin when we consume their milk. Through reducing my dairy intake I have fallen in love with almond milk! I put it on cereal, in smoothies, make hot chocolate with it and it's great for baking too. There are lots of delicious non dairy milks in your supermarket that contain great anti-oxidants!

Almond milk hot chocolate is DE-lish!

2// Increase your Omega 3 intake. 
I have done this by purchasing supplements like fish oil and adding flaxseed to my breakfasts/smoothies. The best way to get a good dose of omega is through food, experts recommenced at least 3 portions of fish per week, my favourite is Salmon with lemon and kale. Omega 3 fatty acids are an anti-inflammatory and some people have cured skin conditions with this alone.

Salmon with kale, sweet potato and coleslaw

Flaxseed sprinkled on cereal and fruit

3// Stick to Wholemeal. 
Staying away from 'white' products will also benefit your health and show on the outside too! Switch to wholemeal bread, pasta and rice to avoid the chemicals used in bleaching food and reduce bloating. Although the odd pizza wont go amiss...

4// Which leads me to... Cut down on sugar! 
White food products, fizzy drinks, alcohol, junk food, sweets and most cereals are high in the white devil which sends your blood sugar rocketing, this makes your body produce more insulin and breaks you out!

5// Switch potato for sweet potato! 
Sweet potato is orange in colour which means it contains beta cerotene, this turns into vitamin A when digested and is vital for that glow factor. Sweet potato is so tasty, in my eyes even better than regular potato. It's quick to cook and not nearly as bloating as white potato. They make great fries, wedges, jacket potatoes and are super delicious dunked in mayo or BBQ sauce.

Sweet potato fries with sweet chili and mayo

6// Use Olive Oil more.
This oil is great to cook and dress food with, it contains anti-inflammatory agents and some omegas that will help your skin glow. It is however a fatty oil so use in moderation. I like it drizzled over kale and vegetables.

7// Drink 2 liters of water a day and a few cups of green tea. 
This may be hard at first but I now look forward to a cup of lemon green tea with my breakfast and end up thirsty if I don't have a bottle of water handy. These drinks will pump your body with antioxidants and flush out any unwanted baddies. Add lemon slices to your water for more flavour and health benefits or try berries to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Loose leaf green tea

Lemon water

8// Don't deprive yourself. 
I never deprive myself of a sweet treat if I really want one, chocolate is my downfall. Remember everything in moderation, starving yourself will only make the cravings worse.

9// Exercise.
It doesn't sound fun now but I promise you once you start and get into a routine you will feel one hundred times better. They key is to find something that works with your lifestyle, I was against joining the gym for a long time because they pull you in on a contract and cost a fortune. As well as the pressure of the 'regulars' staring at me whilst I look like a beetroot and sweat like a pig.
In the end I gave in and joined the local gym round the corner from work, I would get up at 6.30am, go to the gym for an hour, shower and get ready there, then rush round the corner to work, shoveling breakfast down at my desk.

It worked for about a month when I decided it wasn't benefiting me in any way, now I get up at 6.30am, stroll downstairs to the comfort of my living room and do 40 minutes of high intensity interval training in the form of Insanity, which has changed my life. I feel more confident and am slowly achieving my New Year's resolution to tone my stomach. I do this 4 times a week and have a break at the weekends.

If you aren't motivated to work out at home then joining the gym and knowing that you're paying is a great motivator. I am personally more motivated by the thought of exercising in my own home and Insanity really works for me.

Insanity workout 

Baby abs. Workout gear from Primark

Whether you make health changes gradually or in one hit you will never regret working out or eating a healthy meal. Instagram is great for motivational quotes and tips, follow me here.

Comment with your favourite health tips and follow for more from me.

Little Lottie 

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