Little Lottie: A Long Weekend Away

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Long Weekend Away

The Severn bridge at sunset

Driving to the wedding

Recently I had a long weekend away and some time off work to recuperate, we went to Wales which is 5 hours from where I live. I drove the entire way, singing along to Ariana Grande and Radio 1, I think Nick (my fiancé) got quite fed up. It was a rainy weekend but that didn't ruin the gorgeous country views on the way. On Friday night after the drive we stayed at Premier Inn (living it up, as usual) near Cardiff. I would have loved to explore the big cities but in the morning we had another 3 hour drive to complete to get to my lovely friend's wedding.
Premier Inn = Sleep time

I think we hit about every obstacle possible on the way to the wedding. After 3 tractors, 1 road closure, 1 motorbike race event and a tourist road train ...(yes, a train full of tourists driving on the road) I was getting rather stressed but we made it 10 minutes early to the wedding and sprinted to the gorgeous marquee to grab a seat on the decorated hay bales. The wedding was pretty and quirky like my good friend, the bride.
Our gorgeous wedding favors and decorated bales (lala is my nickname)

The beautiful marquee

Quirky cake

The wedding venue seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere but had scenic views across Wales and was high up a hill in Llanidloes, (the Sat Nav was key here.) After dancing the night away and drinking champagne by the campfire until midnight we slept in our tents and woke up to a bacon sandwich made by the bridesmaids. As I'm engaged myself I couldn't help but think about how lovely this small wedding was and what dress I would choose for my big day.

The views on the way to Newtown

The severn bridge - Homebound

I was eager to stop off at Bristol for some shopping on the way home so after dragging a hungover Nick into the car we set off to find the Cabot Circus Mall. When we arrived at the car park we immediately made our way to H&M and Primark, these are very big high street stores that I'm a fan of. We decided to stay in Bristol for tea before the remaining 3 hour journey home and after trawling round the food court trying to decide on dinner we ended up in Frankie and Benny's (an American themed Italian restaurant.) I went for the Pulled Pork 10" pizza and ate every slice whilst Nick had a pulled pork burger, afterwards we well and truly felt like pigs.

Nick fell asleep the rest of the way home, we arrived just before 9pm and had a much needed sleep.

I rarely venture out on long trips in the car but it was very fun and felt like an adventure to just aimlessly drive with a Sat Nav into the abyss of the countryside.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's slightly different to my usual but expect more as I've booked a holiday to Makadi Bay!

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