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Monday, 26 May 2014

In love with

Korean beauty and products are spreading round blogs and YouTube channels faster than I could research why they were so great. To sum up... LOOK AT THE PACKAGING! Cutest ever!
All our 'English' products in Boots and Superdrug now appear so boring to me, who cares about rose gold I want my make up to look like this!:
Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
Etude House Hand Cream

Thanks to √Čtude House for the images.
There are also natural ingredient pro's to Korean and Asian beauty products of course, also after watching Cutiepie Marzia's video of her Japan haul I couldn't help but fall in love with the gorgeous clothing designs. (Watch Marzia's video)
Off I went on the hunt for Asian beauty and clothing after being inspired by Marzia's flawless look and stumbled across the site Yesstyle.
It has everything from skincare to lingerie at pretty good prices. I'm obsessed, in fact I'm pretty sure I spent all of yesterday in bed with my cat looking through the site. My self control shocked me and I limited myself to 4 things (keep your eye out for a haul!)
Let me know if I'm years late on the bandwagon with this site but I would recommend everyone to have a look, even the gentleman out there, because there truly is something for everyone!
Random blog post I know but the site is really amazing and I'm looking forward to posting a haul very soon ;)

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