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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Winter Musts

Spring is approaching and so after a winters use I thought I’d share my winter essentials with you.

First of all I’d like to give a big mention to my cleanser.
This Eucerin dermo purifyer has really helped me through my Christmas junk food breakouts and doesn’t dry out my skin too much during the cold winter months! Although you do need to moisturise after use.

I don’t think I would have got very far this winter without Toni and Guy's prep leave in conditioner as it has kept my hair soft a wavy instead of the typical winter crisp and frizz that I experience. I’m not much of a hat person so I’ve got to keep my tresses looking half decent. I place a dollop of this in my hands and spread throughout damp hair after a shower and I wake up in the morning with smooth shiny hair. However Oil would be a deeper treatment alternative.    

Another essential is an all year round in my eyes! These delicious Maryland Gooeys are just the scrummiest winter treat to dunk into any drink or just eat a whole box without noticing like I often do. They may have even overtaken Oreos on my favourite biscuit list! (achievement)   

I didn’t own slippers before these little babies came into my life. Ever since I was a child I have always stripped off my shoes and socks, even now I have a habit of slipping them off when sitting down or walking round the house barefoot when its freezing but these Bedroom Athletics (yes, dodgy name I know) keep me warm and toasty and I’ve even popped them in the washing machine a few times too! They are really good quality and have real leather soles, the material has kept super soft after countless washes and the zips make them so easy to take on and off. These were a fabulous Christmas gift from some friends and I recommend them to non-slipper users. Mine are in; Gingerbread.

I picked up these microwave mitts on a trip to Home Bargains which is  a new store to me in Cornwall and I assume is a British version of Walmart. Everything is an excellent price and you can pretty much get anything from pop tarts to a suitcase! I was looking for a microwavable hot water bottle as I like to lie on them but isn’t the safest option when lying on top of a balloon of boiling water! These cute mitts and slippers have been a life saver and contain lavender to help you sleep. They were a small price of £6.99 and only need 30 seconds in the microwave to take you to toasty heaven! You could even wear the mitts out on a cold day and the wheat bags are removable if you want them for their traditional use.

This was an early Christmas gift from my fiancĂ© as I had been admiring this super cosy snood in River Island for days however the price tag of £18 put me off and the fact that its white makes it even more vulnerable to stains! Saying that it has been worth every penny and has kept me warm all winter. I like to wear it full length when it’s not as cold but wouldn’t recommend it if you wear foundation as it will probably show on the white material.   

After those warm winter baths I have enjoyed using this lazy body moisturiser by Soap and Glory. I’ve never enjoyed moisturising my body that much because of the sticky feeling afterwards and those time it takes to cover all the vital areas. This light spray is a genius idea if you are like me and it smells glorious! Soap and Glory always get it right. 

Let me know any recommendations for the upcoming seasons. (Summer, YAY)

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